Can I be seen in-person at Care on Location's office?

Can I be seen in-person at Care on Location's office?

Care on Location is a primarily a telehealth service.  We see patients primarily through phone, tablet, or computer interactions.  While we have a Denver, CO business office listed, we do not see patients at that location.  So please do not arrive there for your care. 

In some circumstances, depending on our partnerships, you may be able to come to a location or come to our mobile telehealth vehicle where our medical assistant, EMT, or nurse can help get you seen and treated just like in an office, but without the doctor, PA, or nurse practitioner being right there.  They will still see you by video but we have stethoscopes and specialty cameras that let us hear your heart and lungs as well as see your ear drums and more from a distance.
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    • Do I need to make an appointment?

      Do I need to make an appointment? Yes, you will need to make an appointment through our online scheduler.  In many if not most circumstances, you can be seen the same or next day.
    • How do I schedule an appointment if I do not have a phone?

      You can still schedule an appointment as long as you have an email to receive the appointment confirmation and link to the video visit.  A phone number will be required on the appointment scheduler.  Please enter our office phone number of ...
    • On the appointment schedule, what do I put in the "Additional notes - Required" section

      In this area, please enter the reason for why you wish to be seen.  At least a few words is helpful, but feel free to be more descriptive if desired.  We will use this information to guide our conversation with you.
    • What health insurance information do I need to schedule an appointment?

      Please have and enter the following: Insurance company name Member ID number Group number(if applicable, Medicaid does not have a group number) Policy owner/subscriber (if the patient is not the primary person with the insurance, put the name of the ...
    • What if I do not have an email?

      You may still request an appointment but you will need to be able to receive a text in order to complete your intake forms.  On the "Schedule Appointment" page, you may put "" in the required email space only if you have absolutely ...