Dino-Lite ENT and Skin Camera Operation Overview

Dino-Lite ENT and Skin Camera Operation Overview

Dino-Lite™ ENT and Skin Camera

  1. Activation  

  1. Plug camera into and available USB-A port
  2. Select the “up arrow” next to the Video Camera Icon in Zoom to select the Dino-Lite Premier camera
  1. Orientation

  1. Ensure the Dino-Lite logo is facing upwards towards the ceiling as this orients the camera appropriately. It is best to hold the camera like a pencil.
  1. Focusing 

  1. Use the focus wheel (for right-handed users this is easiest with the thumb)
  1. Otoscope attachment

  1. Slide otoscope accessory on the end of the camera
  2. Insert a Welch Allyn otoscope speculum and ensure circle of view is completely visible on screen by ensuring the speculum is centered in the otoscope attachment. 
  1. Other attachments

  1. Tongue blade attachment: Attach the black slotted circle with slot facing the patient and attach disposable tongue blade. 
  2. Skin viewing attachment: This is the largest attachment and is used to fix the focal length of the camera for detailed skin exams. 
  1. Deactivation

  1. When finished, unplug camera from USB receiver in Accessory Device(Top) drawer.
  2. Click “Video Camera” symbol to return to other camera

Additional Troubleshooting. 

1. Dino-Lite camera LEDs do not turn on, or camera is not working.

              a. Ensure the camera is turned on in zoom and that there is not a redline through the camera. 

2. Image moves opposite of expected

      If the image on screen moves opposite the direction you are moving the camera, 1st ensure you are holding the camera in the right orientation, 2nd ensure your video settings enable mirroring (See below) 
  1. Click up arrow next to “Video Camera” symbol in Zoom
  2. Click “Video Settings”
  3. Under “My Video”, check or uncheck “Enable mirror effect” for preferred camera movement effect
  4. Close video settings

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