MobilTEK Case Manual

MobilTEK Case Manual

MobilTEK Case


Edited 12/2021

MobilTEK Case Quick Start Guide

  1. Open telemedicine case
  2. Power on the computer using power button on top of tablet
  3. Open and sign into Zoom and any other needed software.
  4. Camera Choice: The default camera will be the Logitech B525 Camera. Use the “up arrow” next to the Camera Icon in the lower left corner of Zoom to change between different cameras.
  1. The Dino-Lite camera for ear, nose, throat, and skin examinations can be used by plugging the USB connector into one of the USB ports. To stop using the Dino-Lite camera, unplug the USB from the Port. Once unplugged, Zoom will default to using no camera.  Click the camera button icon located on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to enable the other camera.
  1. Audio:  Use the “up arrow” next to the Microphone Icon in the lower left corner of Zoom to change between the available microphone and speaker options.
  1. The Jabra Speakerphone 410 located in the lid is the primary audio input and output.
  2. ThinkLabs Stethoscope audio input - Remove the stethoscope from the charging dock and plug into one end of the 3.5mm cord. Plug the other end into the port marked stethoscope. Select the Microphone USB audio device. Then click the original sound button
  3. Click the small up arrow in the Zoom window next to the microphone icon to change between the Jabra Speakerphone and the stethoscope(see stethoscope guide for more detailed stethoscope information).
  1. Leave Zoom meeting and log out of other software when done.


  1. Connect usb C charger to exterior of case. 

MobilTEK Case

The MobilTEK hard case is a durable container that has a mounted computer tablet and telemedicine equipment. The case is water resistant, crushproof, and dustproof. 

Tablet Mount in the MobilTEK Case

The tablet mount in the telemedicine hard case allows the tablet to be rotated 360°, swivel 180°, and tilt ±45°. It also allows the tablet to be extended. Caution should be used with tablet position when the telemedicine hard case is free-sitting as full extension of the mount can cause the lid of the case to rotate closed. The tablet in the fully retracted position will cause the unattached case to rotate backwards on the lid as well. The tablet mount is equipped with a locking bracket. Keys have been provided.         


The keyboard can be removed by lifting it by the top left corner. There is a green/red on/off switch on the back of the keyboard to turn it on and off. The keyboard operates with (2) AA batteries (included)


The battery is located under the keyboard. The battery is designed to turn on anytime it detects a device including the charger. To turn off the battery in situations where the case is not in use or plugged in, long press the top button on the battery until the stethoscope charging light and battery light turn off.                                        

                  Zoom Video Conferencing

Starting a Video Meeting

  1. Open Zoom Software and log in to Zoom account
  2. Click New Meeting
  3. You can invite participants via email by clicking the invite tab at the bottom of the window. You can also communicate the meeting ID located in the top left corner of the window to the far end user which can be used to join the meeting in progress. 

Joining a Video Meeting in Progress

  1. Open Zoom Video Conferencing Software
  2. Click ‘Join a Meeting
  3. Enter in meeting ID given by the Host

Audio Control

  1. You will be asked at the beginning of each conference to “Join with Computer Audio” Click this button to utilize your computer’s audio. 
  2. You can mute yourself by clicking the microphone in the bottom left corner. 
  3. You are able to switch between any microphone that is connected to your computer (such as a stethoscope or speakerphone) by clicking the arrow next to the microphone and selecting which microphone or speaker you would like to use. 

NOTE: (Ensure that you are changing the microphone source only for stethoscope transmission, not the speaker.) 

Advanced Audio Controls

  1. Original Sound: 
  1. The stethoscope works best when original sound is enabled. Cllck the button in the top left of the video meeting labeled ‘Turn on original sound’ after selecting the USB audio microphone for the stethoscope. (The button will turn blue)  
  2. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE BUTTON. Click the up arrow by the microphone, select audio settings, then select the advanced button. There will be a check box marked “Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone.” Check this box so the original sound button will appear on you main video screen.

Video Control

  1. Turn on and off video transmission by clicking the video icon in the lower left corner of the screen. 
  2. You can select the camera type by clicking the arrow next to the video icon. 

Ending the Meeting

  1. The distant user may leave the meeting by clicking the X to close the window in the top right. 
  2. The host may end the meeting for all by clicking the X to close the window. 

ThinkLabs™ Stethoscope Guide

  1. Stethoscope Features

  1. Power On - Push any button.
  2. Change Frequency - Push upper left button(f or Filter Key).
  3. Volume Down - Push lower left button(Minus Key).
  4. Volume Up - Push lower right button(Plus Key).
  5. Power Off - Hold upper right and lower left buttons at the same time(A or Alt Key + Minus Key)
  6. Charging - Each night remove the stethoscope and plug into the white cord with the white power brick. 
  1. Using the stethoscope

  1. Plug the 3.5mm cord into stethoscope and other end into the ‘Stethoscope Connection’ port
  2. The stethoscope user may use headphones to listen to the stethoscope while transmitting by fitting a 3.5mm headphone set into the ‘Headphone Connection’ port.
  3. Power On the stethoscope
  4. Adjust frequency and volume as needed
  1. Low frequency best for heart sounds
  2. High frequency best for lung sounds
  1. Click up arrow next to microphone symbol in Zoom window to switch to the stethoscope(listed as a USB-Audio device).
  2. Conduct exam.  
  3. Use visual, verbal, and text-based cues from distant viewer to assure all the necessary exam components have been obtained.
  4. When complete power off the stethoscope and return to charging dock insuring it is fully plugged in. 
  5. Click up arrow next to microphone symbol in Zoom window to switch back to speakerphone microphone.
  1. Auto Power-Off

  1. The stethoscope is set to auto-power off
  2. The time-frame to power-off can be adjusted(see ThinkLabs online support or manual to adjust these settings)
  1. Frequency Adjustment

  1. The stethoscope has been set for a high and low frequency designed for optimal heart and lung sound listening
  2. The frequency can be adjusted(see ThinkLabs online support or manual to adjust these settings)

Online User Manual:

Dino-Lite™ ENT and Skin Camera

  1. Activation  

  1. Plug camera into USB receiver on the Acumentrics Battery
  2. Select the “up arrow” next to the Video Camera Icon in Zoom to select the Dino-Lite Premier camera
  1. Orientation

  1. the Dino-Lite logo facing upwards towards the ceiling orients the camera appropriately
  1. Focusing 

  1. Use the focus wheel(for right-handed users this is easiest with the thumb)
  1. Otoscope attachment

  1. Slide otoscope accessory on the end of the camera
  2. Insert a Welch Allyn otoscope speculum
  1. Other attachments

  1. Tongue blade attachment
  2. Iris viewing attachment
  1. Deactivation

  1. When finished, unplug the camera from the ‘USB’ port.
  2. Click “Video Camera” symbol to return to other camera

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