MobilTEK Case Troubleshooting

MobilTEK Case Troubleshooting


The case latches will not open

The buttons on the latch must be pressed while simultaneously opening the latch.

The swing arm won't allow the tablet to be fully recessed in place. 

Ensure that all cords are in there proper place and not being pinched by the swing arm.

None of the peripheral devices are working.

1. Ensure battery is charged. PLUG THE CASE IN EACH NIGHT.  
2. Log in to the computer, and then unplug and replug the USB-C cord attached to the computer. 

The keyboard is not working. 

1. Ensure the keyboard is turned on by removing from holder and checking slider on top vertical portion of the keyboard is green and not red.
2. Ensure batteries (AA) in keyboard are not dead.
3. See: 'None of the peripheral devices are working' section

The stethoscope is not working

1. Ensure the stethoscope is charged by turning on and verifying charge level. 
2. Ensure all 3.5mm connections are fully inserted. 
3. Ensure the stethoscope is selected under the microphone settings of your teleconferencing software. 
4. Ensure any noise-cancelling software is turned off to transmit sounds. (In zoom there is a button labeled "Original Sound" that should be selected when using the stethoscope.) 

The Dino-lite camera is not working

1. Ensure it is plugged into USB-A port
2. Ensure the teleconferencing software has the Dino-Lite camera selected and camera ability turned on.
3. See: 'None of the peripheral devices are working' section

OPTIONAL Wireless Router
1. Ensure SIM card is in router, (NOT tablet) 
2. Ensure case is charged as battery operates wireless router.
3. IF powering on for the first time it can take 5 minutes to be operational. 

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