MobilTEK Case Warranty

MobilTEK Case Warranty





MobilTEK Case

Standard Limited Warranty


Care on Location P.C. guarantees its telemedicine cases including MobilTEK Case for a six (6) month period from original date of purchase against breakage or defects in workmanship. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Components not originally manufactured by Care On Location retain their original factory warranty, and therefore are solely subject to the warranty of their manufacturer. To the extent permitted by law, Care On Location's liability is limited to the product and in no event shall Care on Location's liability to the purchaser for damages exceed the purchase price of the case in respect of which damages are claimed. 

This warranty does not apply to damage due to misuse, accident, abuse, misapplication, or negligence; to damage caused by service performed by anyone who is not a Care On Location Authorized Service Provider.

Care On Location will either repair or replace any defective or broken product, at our sole option and discretion. Certain products are available for a limited time only. If a claim is made involving one of these products, Care On Location reserves the right to replace a defective or broken product with a standard product of comparable specifications. 

How do I make a claim: 

To make a warranty claim, the purchaser may call 720-778-0005 or email 

Any warranty claims shall be made by the purchaser as soon as practicable. The purchaser is responsible for paying for all warranty freight costs. If Care On Location determines that any returned product is not defective, within the terms of this warranty, the purchaser shall pay Care on Location all costs of handling, return freight, and repairs at Care on Location prevailing rates. 

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