Overview about Joining a Virtual Telehealth Visit

Overview about Joining a Virtual Telehealth Visit

Please see the attached PDF 

Topics Include:
  1. Browser Requirements
  2. Before Your Visit & Check-In
  3. In the Virtual Waiting Room
  4. Join the Telehealth Visit
  5. FAQ

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    • How do I pay for a virtual visit?

      How do I pay for a virtual visit? During the creation of your account and patient profile, before being seen you will need to enter a method of payment.  We accept credit card, health savings account(HSA), or flexible spending account(FSA) cards.  We ...
    • How much does a visit cost?

      How much does a visit cost? Insurance Cost Range Medicaid $0 - $2 Commercial/Private/Employer Plans $CoPay, $Co-Insurance, or $Deductible Uninsured Individuals / Self-Pay Credit Card Starting from $69.99  Under nearly all circumstances, the cost of ...
    • What software or apps will I need for my telehealth visit?

      Our current videoconferencing system does not require additional software.  It works directly within your web browser.  However, we highly recommend you use the latest version of either Chrome or Firefox. As an additional backup, we also recommend ...
    • What hardware do I need to conduct a video visit?

      Below are the minimally necessary hardware items for a successful interaction: Desktop, laptop, tablet, or hybrid laptop/tablet computer running preferably Google Chrome browser but may also use Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Web ...
    • How can I check my device/computer to make sure it is working?

      We suggest checking the following before engaging in a video visit: Check your internet connection speed – There are several free online services to check your connection speed.  If your speed is >1.2Mbps, we should be able to conduct the visit. ...