Zoom Teleconferencing Software Overview

Zoom Teleconferencing Software Overview

Zoom Video Conferencing

Starting a Video Meeting

  • Open Zoom Software and log in to Zoom account (You can choose to stay logged in for future use)

  • Click 'New Meeting'

  • You can invite participants via email by clicking the invite tab at the bottom of the window. You can also communicate the meeting ID located in the top left corner of the window to the far end user which can be used to join the meeting in progress. 

Joining a Video Meeting in Progress

  • Open Zoom Video Conferencing Software

  • Click 'Join a Meeting'

  • Enter in meeting ID given by the Host

Audio Control

  • You will be asked at the beginning of each conference to “Join with Computer Audio” Click this button to utilize your computer’s audio. 

  • You can mute yourself by clicking the microphone in the bottom left corner. 

  • You are able to switch between any microphone that is connected to your computer (such as a stethoscope or speakerphone) by clicking the arrow next to the microphone and selecting which microphone or speaker you would like to use.

NOTE:(Ensure that you are changing the microphone source only for stethoscope transmission, NOT the speaker.) 

Advanced Audio Controls

  • Background Noise Suppression: The stethoscope works best when the background noise suppression is disabled. To do this:

    • 1. Click the arrow next to the microphone

    • 2. Choose audio settings. 

    • 3. Click the advanced settings button at the bottom right corner of the audio settings window.   

    • 4. Under the drop down list for each type of suppression click disable. 

  • Original Sound: 

    • The host of the meeting may also allow the distant user to “enable original sound” making for better stethoscope quality transmission.

      • The end user then clicks the button in the top left of the video meeting labeled ‘Turn on original sound’ 

Video Control

  • Turn on and off video transmission by clicking the video icon in the lower left corner of the screen. 

  • You can select the camera type by clicking the arrow next to the video icon. 

Ending the Meeting

  • The distant user may leave the meeting by clicking the X to close the window in the top right. 

  • The host may end the meeting for all by clicking the X to close the window.